Ryan Ogilvy


"You have talent. Don't waste it and be satisfied with it. Each one of us can achieve more."


When I wrote this, I met Ryan Ogilvy who stopped by at my office and we were sitting on the cafeteria. He was asking how we were and we had a light conversation about his new activities at that time. He was saying that someday he wants to have his own website and the description was not as good as what you are reading now.


One statement I recorded in my head, "You have talent. Don't waste it and be satisfied with it. Each one of us can achieve more". I was silent for a moment hearing that statement. After that, Ryan called off the day and left with confident. He seemed to have an important meeting with his client.


The next meeting I had with Ryan was in Senayan. It was a relaxing afternoon and Ryan started talking about his past, before he became Ryan that we know now. "I love to see a beautiful woman." That's how he breaks the ice talking about his family. His family is a magazine reader. His aunt loves collecting teenager magazines, so does his mother who has a pile of lifestyle magazines.


" I like reading lifestyle magazines instead of teen of my age." That what he said and made me laughed out loud. The young Ryan had bought a sketch book and each page was filled with drawing of faces he saw on the magazines.


At the junior high, he was amazed when he saw his friends talking about final model competition on a teen magazine and he made up his mind that he had to be one of the faces on that competition. "I think I should register into the competition so I can see how the models are being dressed up. A woman without makeup looks normal but when they put their makeup on, their faces are more alive and he said confidently, "that's the beauty of makeup". He became a cover boy finalist on that magazine.


Wearing the white grey uniform in senior high, the boy that has lived for 17 years in Pontianak started to like modeling. "During those years, I didn't know what my goal was, even during my PR college years, I still don't know what PR was", he continued.


Faith brought Ryan meet with his new neighbor, Jenny. She made dresses for Indonesian top celebrities. He became Jenny's freelance crew and had followed her to many different shows back stage. At that time, Ryan started to learn how those celebrities were being makeup-ed.


Ryan Ogilvy


In 2005, he registered to a makeup course and learned the technique of makeup from beauty, commercial and shoot's makeup, and he loved it. He continued the journey working as a makeup artist for an international brand in Jakarta for two years and built his networking and skill. His confidence started to grow since he started his freelance career as a makeup artist. He had a chance to do makeup for some top model faces for commercial shoots, celebrities for their shows and finally made a moment when he got the chance to do a makeup for top celebrity, Dian Sastrowardoyo. He had been a very big fans of her for a long time and he was so proud of himself when Dian said, "I like your makeup, we have the same taste" with big smile. "Please let my manager have your contact so you can do my makeup for next project".


On the long run, he focuses on professional makeup for personal, wedding, TV commercial, photo shoot, fashion show, event and as a tutor for beauty classes.


The next big thing, he got an offer from Sandra Dewi for a magazine photo shoot and after couple of times working for her, Sandra purposed to him, "Would you like to be my personal makeup artist?" and Ryan said, "yes". So he became one of her best friends.


Up until now, many beautiful women trust their makeup to Ryan including Atiqah Hasiholan, Asmiranda, Cinta Laura, Carisa Putri, Shreen Sungkar and many other special beautiful women. The key of success is maintaining a good relationship not just as a proves Hal relation but more to friendship relation. "When I put make up on their faces, I am thinking about them and I do it with love in my heart. Even after work, I treat them as my close friends. I like to make a woman look beautiful, because I believe beauty will make a woman happy".


From Ryan, I learn one thing "If you have a dream, say it. The words that come from the heart will become a pray" - go and make your dream come true.


Ryan and his makeup make their way from one face to others and put his mark on them. With hope, one day it can be you.


Thanks to 15 beautiful stars for their support and time to have an exclusive photo shoot for his web and the photograph team, fashion stylist, digital imaging artist, and best friends that support him and special thanks he sends to clients, media, agency, and production house for their trust to work together, with big hope that we'll have a good future ahead together.


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